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Hebei Bocao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

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Shunde Xin Yuan, Qiaodong District, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China
I am a pharmaceutical intermediates supplier in China.You can contact me if you need anything..Content, color and packaging can be customized.And of course the higher the quantity demanded the lower the price. Any question ,please do not hesitate to tell me ! Waiting hearing from you! Whatsapp:+86 188 3295 9082 / +86 199 1301 0653 Mail: bs1046490047@hbbocao.com / 1046490047@qq.com DuQingWei China
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Ms Du QingWei
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+86 19913010653
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+86 18832959082
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WECHAT 18832959082

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