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Whatsapp/signal: +8613292893190 Wickr me:lisa16648445 GBL CAS 96-48-0 Bdo 1,4-Butanediol CAS 110-63-4 Tetramisole HCL Levamisole Levamisole HCL Boric acid flakes Boric acid chunks Lidocaine Lidocaine HCL Procaine Procaine HCL Tetracaine Tetracine HCL Benzocaine Phenacetin Methylamine hydrochloride Trimethylamine hydrochloride 4'-Methylpropiophenone Valerophenone Dilthiazem hydrochloride mail: lisa@speedgainpharma.com whatsapp/signal: +8613292893190 wickr me: lisa16648445
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Ms lisa
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+86 13292893190
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+86 13292893190
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WECHAT 13292893190

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