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Wuhan Demeikai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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Room A13-1, 27th Floor, Building A, Asia Trade Plaza, No. 628, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District
Company Profile: Wuhan Demeikai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and development and production of chemical raw materials. The professional laboratory has dozens of high-end technical researchers to meet the needs of customers for various customized products; standardized production workshops, strict The quality control system ensures that each batch of goods meets the company's quality standards and meets the quality requirements of customers; experienced sales staff are at your service at any time and solve various problems in the entire sales process for you; professional logistics channels to ensure international The safety of transportation, do my best to ensure that customers can receive your goods safely. Company purpose: Company purpose: Quality is the foundation of development, always maintain a competitive price. Hope to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win goal with our customers. Our advantage: As a company with production capacity and foreign trade sales ability, high-quality products are our greatest advantage. We will conduct two kinds of inspections on each batch of products, one is the internal inspection carried out by the factory during the production process and after the production is completed. When the production of the product is completed, we will send the product to a third-party testing agency for re-testing to ensure that the product quality meets the standards. We are also very willing to cooperate with customers who have requirements for product quality and customers who have the ability to test. Usually our detection method is HPLC to check the purity of the product, MS and HNMR to check the structure and molecular weight of the product to ensure that the product is correct. Compared with factories that only do production, we also have an advantage of experienced sales staff. We have a very good understanding of foreign markets and provide customers with the most appropriate price and transportation services on the premise of ensuring product quality. Our hot products Sarms series products include MK677, MK2866, RAD140, GW501516, GW0742, LGD-4033, S4, S23, ACP105, LGD3303, etc. Hormone powder series: Testosterone, Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Anadrol, etc. Hormone liquid series: single hormone liquid and mixed hormone liquid Peptide series: HGH 10iu, HCG, GHRP-6, Epitalon, MT-2, frag 176-191, etc.、 If you want to know more related information, contact us: Email: gq@whrsqsw.com What's app: +8618942921723 Site:https://www.astersteroid.com Wickr Me: celiadmk
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